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10 velvet accent chairs worthy of a boutique hotel


elvet is such a luxurious fabric! I love the feel of it and the fabric has gone a long way from the old days. Remember the the old green velvet chair or sofa? There weren’t so many colours back then! I have been researching about velvet accent chairs for this post and I must admit… there are so many colours!! I personally love a navy blue velvet chair!

When it comes to velvet or any other trend the key is just to add touches of it. If you have a velvet sofa, do not put the cushions and curtains in velvet! Or if you only want to add some velvet touches to a room just go for an accent chair in velvet or some cushions. You don’t need the lot in velvet to make a room feel luxurious and elegant.

I recently bought a blue velvet accent chair for my living room (you can see the chair on the feature image of this post) and I must admit it really completes the room. I still have to add some more details but the chair is so vibrant and comfortable. It took me a while deciding which chair to buy and the style, etc. I want to share with you a selection of accent velvet chairs I have found so you can get inspired by the material, shapes and colours. Some of the chairs are so colourful that they can bright any room. Here are 10 velvet accent armchairs I really like. Which one is your favourite? accent armchair grass cotton velvet

Frame grass cotton velvet armchair ( £599

Frame armchair, grass cotton velvet (

The Frame accent chair in green velvet by looks contemporary and has beautiful sleek lines. The green colour velvet and brash finish frame make the chair look very modern. This accent armchair will blend perfectly in designs were simplicity is key. The metal brass frame has been made a feature and can add an industrial look to the room. The softness of the velvet and the warmth of the green colour makes this accent chair very welcoming. If you are looking for something else, has a huge selection of velvet chairs here. 

PRICE: £599 (at the time of writing)

see chair here

swoon fitz cocktail velvet chair primrose

Fitz mid-century cocktail chair (Swoon) £369

Fitz mid-century cocktail chair (Swoon)

Aren’t these chairs cute! The Fitz cocktail chair from Swoon can be customised to any colour from their range of 13 velvet colour fabrics. The oak legs come in two colours so you can choose between a lighter or a darker oak to complete the look.

This accent chair will look stunning in any room. I personally love the pink or dark blue velvet fabric but it really depends on your room and style. The chair can bring some interest to a bland corner in a living room or look great in the bedroom. The chair is so versatile! You only need to choose which colour out of 13 you would want. Not an easy task though! Find more velvet chairs from Swoon here.

PRICE: £369 (at the time of writing)

see chair here

accent chair blue velvet

Made About the House blue velvet accent chair ( £599

Made About the House accent chair, midnight blue velvet (

This luxuriously traditional yet modern blue velvet chair by has been designed by Kate Watson Smyth. If you are into interior design, you might know she’s a very successful stylist, journalist and founder of the Mad About The House blog.

The concept behind the design of this stunning chair is to have an indulgent feel and to be able to just sink into it after a long day. The seat is medium firm and has a supportive back. The chair has been finished with lacquered American walnut legs and the front legs have brass castors adding to the luxurious feel.

I could see myself sitting on the this blue velvet accent chair reading a good book or relaxing listening to music. A stunning chair in every single way.

If this is not the chair you are looking for, check out their wide selection of velvet chairs on sale here.

PRICE: £599 (at the time of writing)

see chair here

swoon leola pink velvet armchair

Leola pink velvet armchair (Swoon) £449

Leola armchair in dusky pink velvet (Swoon)

A stunning simple mid-century style chair in light pink velvet. If you like velvet but don’t want bold or bright colours then this is your chair. A very pale pink will go with a subtle room decor. In my opinion this chair is ideal to give a bedroom a calm yet luxurious and contemporary feel. If what you are looking for is a quality light pink velvet chair then this is your chair! What do you think?

Click here for a bigger selection of velvet chairs from Swoon.

PRICE: £449 (at the time of writing)

see chair here

accent chair upholstered blue velvet

Charley accent blue velvet chair ( £179

Charley accent chair, electric blue velvet (

If you are looking for a mid-sized accent velvet chair to go with your decor the Charley chair will definitely suit your decor and budget! This blue velvet chair is only £179 and really looks the part. I can see this chair working hard in a bedroom, beautifully filling a corner of a living room or in the hallway if yours is big enough.

In my opinion the chair really feels pricier that is currently is. This accent chair is full of details, from the sleek legs to the buttons and seam detailing on the back. I really was surprise to find out it was only £179!

PRICE: £179 (at the time of writing)

see chair here

artisanti cresta blue velvet accent shell chair

Cresta blue velvet shell chair (Artisanti) £877

Cresta Blue Velvet Shell Chair (Artisanti)

This retro style velvet chair is such an statement piece of furniture! If you are an art deco lover or are looking for an unusual piece of furniture for your room then this chair is for you! This light blue velvet chair is really sturdy, well made and its thick padded seat and slopped scalloped back makes it really comfortable.

The petrol blue velvet has a soft look and complements its unusual shape very well making it very stylish. The chair’s legs are made of stainless steel and complement the chair very well. If you are looking to bring a luxury and stylish accent chair to your home this might be a good candidate.

PRICE: £877 (at the time of writing)

see chair here

hamilton blue velvet armchair wayfair

Hamilton blue velvet armchair (Wayfair) £269.99

Hamilton blue velvet armchair (Wayfair)

If you like pattern then this diamond quilted blue velvet armchair is the perfect option. The Hamilton tube chair is one of its kind and its oak legs complement the chair to perfection. The chair is very well made with oak solid wood and soft velvet and the reviews on the website are excellent so I can’t only be a win win situation. Plus at the time of writing the chair has 15% off so it is a bargain at only £269.99. Time to get it in your home decor don’t you think?

If this is not what you are looking for, check out Wayfair’s huge selection of velvet chairs here.

PRICE: £269.99 (15% off at the time of writing)

see chair here

midnight blue or yellow velvet accent armchair maisons du monde

Jasper velvet armchair (Maisons du Monde) £367.50

Jasper Mustard, blue or green velvet armchair (Maisons du Monde)

The Jasper velvet armchair comes in yellow, midnight blue or green velvet colours. This retro inspired chair has a very contemporary look to it and will suit a modern style interior. It is a very sturdy chair made with FSC certified wood and very soft velvet upholstery.

This accent chair will work really well in a contemporary living room adding character to the look. If you like the chair, you just need to choose the colour that will suit your decor best! Is it going to be blue, green or yellow! You decide. For more velvet chairs from Maisons du Monde click here.

PRICE: £367.50 (at the time of writing)

see chair here

cox & cox carter occasional velvet chair

Carter occasional grey velvet chair (Cox & Cox) £450.50

Carter occasional velvet chair (Cox & Cox)

The Carter grey velvet chair from Cox & Cox has very elegant and simple lines and its modern look makes it perfect for a living room. The retro looking chair has a generous seat and slightly reclined back making it really comfortable.

The exposed frame makes the chair very current and modern and its deep grey velvet colour will bring style and luxury to any room. This chair is a must for those wanting an accent velvet chair without it being too colourful.

Find here more elegant velvet chairs from Cox & Cox.

PRICE: £450.50 (at the time of writing)

see chair here

oka launceston velvet armchair dirty orange

Lauceston velvet carmchair (OKA) £790

Launceston velvet armchair (OKA)

The Launceston velvet armchair from OKA comes in orange and has an sturdy exposed solid oak handmade frame. Although it is a classic chair it has also a modern feel due to its open frame and curvaceous silhouette.  This classic chair is extremely well made and will look stunning in a living room, study or bedroom. How about putting it by the window or fireplace!

PRICE: £790 (reduced from £925 at the time of writing)

see chair here

Have you found your favourite accent velvet chair from this selection? They are all gorgeous aren’t they? If you are looking to incorporate velvet to the decor I recommend a chair as it can be such an statement piece and can bring so much style to any space.

Till the next post!

Yol x

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