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12 home decor gifts from small UK shops on Etsy

This Christmas is all about supporting the small businesses and independent retailers. I was reading about the Indie Week Just a Card campaign small retailers are launching to stand up agains black Friday and it got me thinking about all the small businesses selling not only on the high street but also online. There are tons of small retailers online! and many of them are on Etsy.

I have always supported local businesses in my area or any area I have visited and, since I started this blog, I have met some of these small businesses. For example, where I live we have The Pink Shop, a pop up shop that is a breath of fresh air for the area and the community. This is where I have met some independent creative business owners who are working very hard to keep their business going.They do pop ups, crafts fairs and they also have an Etsy shop!

I have always been a fan of Etsy and I have been looking for independent creative home decor businesses on the platform. I have found so many products that would be perfect to offer someone who loves interiors!

With Christmas approaching here are my favourite home decorating products from small Etsy businesses.


Cushions have to be one of my favourite things in home decor. They are so versatile! By just changing the cushion covers you can change the look and feel of a room. You can make the room bight with colour or give it a nostalgic atmosphere!

I have found these cushions from small businesses on Etsy that could please a home decor enthusiast.

Personalised Initial Cushion £18

personalised initial cushion alphabet

Linen gold and grey marble handmade linen cushion £19.20

gold and grey marble hand painted cushion


We have all been give mugs for birthdays, Christmas or even Secret Santa! I must admit that some mugs are just stunning and I wouldn’t mid receiving one of them.

However, ceramics are not only mugs, you can also offer serving bowls or a pretty vase as a present for Christmas. Here are my favourite ones from the independent retailers on Etsy.

Handmade Stoneware Ceramic Mug £18.70

handmade stoneware ceramic mug coffee

Ceramic Bowl Set in White Porcelain with Pink Grey Bubble Glaze £80

ceramic bowl set white porcelain


Glass is another material that is very versatile and can reflect the light so beautifully!

When looking for home decor items I have come across such beautiful pieces of glass ornaments, vases, etc. that it has been difficult to pick some.

Here is my selection of glass home decor items:

Art Glass Vase from Michael Harris Isle of Wight Studio £26

art glass vase michael harris isle of wight


Sea Glass Art Framed Picture £20

sea glass art framed picture

Candles & Candle Holders

Candles can create the right ambience in any room. Now that the winter is coming and it’s getting colder, I find myself lighting candles in the evening and the result is stunning. A great present to give to someone who loves staying at home!

I have bought so many candles over the years that I really know what I am looking for now. For me it has to be scented candles as they not only give a great atmosphere to the room but they also give a lovely scent. 🙂

If I had to recommend an independent candle maker it would be the candles from Apothecary Essence. I came across the products at a pop up shop and they are also on Etsy which is handy! Their products are made from natural ingredients so you can’t go wrong with this retailer.

Here is my selection of home decor presents from UK small businesses on Etsy:

Lux the Enchantress Soy Candle from Apothecary Essence £25

apothecary essence lux soy candle

Stormy seas tea light handmade candle holder £12

glass tea light candle holder

Personalised Home Gifts

There are so many personalised items to choose from! Cheese boards, clocks, placemats, photo frames, cushions, etc. the choice is endless.

I think the following are great personalised gifts for home decor lovers:

Personalised “Extra Mature” Cheese Board £29.99

personalised extra mature cheese board

Personalised Places Clocks from £70

personalised places clocks

Personalised rose gold concrete letters £3.49

rose gold concrete letters personalised

Personalised family street sign £12.75

personalised street sign family

With so many gifts to choose from on Etsy, the best part of it is that when you buy an item you are helping someone who is probably hand-making the products on their kitchen table, garage or shed!

I am all up for supporting small independent businesses online and on the high street. Let’s make a difference this Christmas and buy home decor presents made with love! Do you buy from small retailers?

Till the next post!

Yol x

This post contains affiliate links. All product images are from Etsy. All prices were correct at the time of writing.

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