easy new years eve party decorations

6 easy DIY New Year’s Eve party decorations

Do you have your New Year’s Eve party decorations ready? I must admit I don’t think about New Year’s eve decorations until after Christmas day. After all the running around to make Christmas perfect, I really look forward to a more fun side of the holidays and New Year’s Eve decorations are part of it!

New Year’s Eve is probably one of parties I enjoy the most and we tend to celebrate it differently each year. This year we are having some friends round and I am starting to think about the table decoration, the menu, etc. But something I will definitely do is the Spanish tradition of eating 12 grapes at midnight! My British friends know the deal now and they really like the tradition and looking forward to it.

Anyway, this post is not about grapes or Spanish traditions but it is about easy DIY New Year’s Eve decorations. I wanted to write about some of the ideas I have found this year which are easy enough to make in a short period of time.  You can even make some of them with the kids! Here are some very easy DIY New Year’s Eve party decorations for you to try. Enjoy!

DIY New Year’s Eve Balloon Clock Countdown

Who doesn’t need a balloon clock countdown at New Year’s Eve? I do need one! It is the perfect easy DIY New Year’s Eve decoration project to make and you can even involve the kids. They will have lots of fun making it that’s for sure! You can also use the clock as a photo backdrop for those New Year’s Eve happy and crazy photos. So many memories to make! The materials are very easy to find and you can follow the simple instructions here.

new years eve balloon countdown clock

Image: The Suburban Mom

DIY Happy New Year’s Eve Garland

A New Year’s Eve garland is a must have decoration and it is very easy to make! It can be hanged on the wall or it also looks lovely hanged on the window or as part of a photo backdrop. It is a very easy New Year’s decoration to make and you won’t need many things to make it. You can find the full instructions to make this easy DIY New Year’s decoration here on this blog.

diy new years eve garland decor

Image: Vicky Barone

Easy tissue paper pom poms for New Year’s Eve

I love using tissue paper for wrapping, the kids love it to make things, etc. Tissue paper is so versatile and it comes in so many colours! I always have some at home. I have made tissue pom poms in the past mainly to decorate tables. What I like the most is that you can make them in different sizes, use small ones to decorate tables or make big ones and hang them from the ceiling or walls to make a feature.

I have found this blog with instructions on how to make the tissue paper pom poms. They are very easy to make but depending how many you want to make you will need to put aside time to make them on time for the party.

Alternatively, if you prefer to buy them, you can buy them from this shop on Etsy, they are hand made and they only cost £12.24 for 10! A real bargain!

how to make tissue paper pom poms tutorial
Image: Thughtfully Simple

Gold foil curtain photo backdrop

It is always a good idea to arrange a special corner at the party for your guests to take fun photos. This way you and your guests can remember the evening and make some great photo memories. You can make a very easy backdrop by just buying a gold foil curtain and hanging it in a corner. You can even add the New Year’s Eve garland we have talked above on this post and give your guests some fun photo booth props (see next idea). That’s it! You only need to a camera and have lots of fun! I am sure you and your guests will have a great time making memories.

You can buy the gold foil curtain backdrop here. It only costs £4.90.

gold foil curtain photo backdrop

Gold foil curtain backdrop on Etsy £4.90

New Year’s Eve photo booth props

If you are having a photo backdrop like the gold foil curtain on the previous idea, you will need photo booth props! I find that guests are more willing to be themselves if there is a theme or fun items for them to use when taking pictures. Plus when you see the pictures in the New Year you will remember the party as a fun one. Believe me, some photo booth props are always a hit for adults and kids!

There are many free DIY photo booth props you can find and download online but I have found this one perfect for New Year’s Eve. You can download them and follow the instructions on this blog. It is a very easy tutorial and you will have lots of fun making them!

If you don’t want or don’t have time to make them, you can always buy them here an get them delivered!

new year photo booth props printables

Image: Moritz Fine Designs

Make a ceiling feature with balloons

It can’t get easier than filling the ceiling of the room with balloons. If you don’t have much time for New Year’s Eve party decorations, this is really one of the simplest ways to achieve a last minute DIY party decorations. You only need a few balloons and helium… that’s it! With regards to colours, a mixture of gold, white and black balloons can look stunning. This decoration works best if the ceiling is high. You can buy the sorted balloons in gold, white and black from this shop on Etsy. Prices start at only £2.80 for 5.

gold white black latex ceiling balloons

It really can’t get easier than this. By just adding some easy DIY New Year’s decorations, your party can be a huge success. If you are like me and don’t have much time or your energies have been consumed preparing for Christmas, hopefully these ideas have put you in the mood to continue with the celebrations! After writing this post I am definitely in the mood for more parties!! and of course New Year’s Eve!! Are you ready with your party decorations? 

Have a lovely New Year’s celebration!! and I wish you all the best for the New Year! If you like me (and my guests ;-)) eat the 12 grapes at midnight on New Year’s Eve don’t forget to make a wish!!

Have lots of fun and see you in the New Year!

Yol xx


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