6 small home office desks

6 small home office desks to make any space proud!

I have been looking for a small desk for my office at home for a while (I am really taking my time here!).  I work from home so my office is the room in the house I spend the most time in.  Revamping my home office is one of my resolutions. I am excited about it as I want to make sure the room works harder! I want a room that doubles up as an office but also as a spare room where visitors can sleep when they come over.  Being from Spain and my husband from France so we have a fair amount of visitors!

Having checked the room’s dimensions and thought about the possible layouts to incorporate a sofa bed, my desk and a chair it is time for me to share with you the best small desks I have found. I like them all for different reasons! I just need to pick one and maybe writing this post will help me! Who knows… decisions, decisions… If you are looking for a small desk for your home office or tiny space in your home, here my favourite small desks. Any space would be proud of having any one of them!

leoni compact desks made.com

Leoni compact desk (Made.com) £199

Leoni compact desk (Made.com)

The Leoni compact desk by Made.com not only looks amazing it also is very small (89 x 79 x 50) and has lots of storage. It is one of my favourite candidates. The desk has an extendable work surface that easily extends from 50 cm deep to 60 cm.

It comes in two colours, the dark stain oak and the lighter oak. Personally, I like the dark oak best as I am also looking at the chairs and the swivel chair that comes with it has the legs in the dark oak. If I was to buy the lighter oak desk it will really clash and I know I wouldn’t like it in the end. An alternative is to buy a completely different chair… I will get on the chair business later on. Lets concentrate on desks first!


Size (in cm): 79W x 50D x 87H. The desk goes to 60 cm deep when open.
Material: Solid Oak, Oak Veneer
Storage: front drawer and cable management storage

+ very small desk
+ lots of storage

– partial assembly required

PRICE: £199 (reduced from £249 at the time of writing)

see desk here

mickey small desk mango swoon

Mickey Mid Century desk (Swoon Editions) £229

Mickey Mid Century Desk (Swoon Editions)

The Mikey mid century desk from Swoon Editions is another small desk I have my eyes on. I saw this desk a couple of weeks ago when talking to my mother in law about the type of desks I should go for. We both liked this desk as it is very simple, small and has two drawers which are perfect for storage. My actual desk doesn’t have storage and it is too big so if the desk is pretty, small and has storage it is then a very suitable candidate! What are your thoughts?


Size (in cm): 88W x 48D x 77H
Material: acacia body, nickel legs. Engineered back panel, drawer front and base.
Storage: two drawers

+ use of mixed materials to make it contemporary
+ lots of storage
+ assembly taken care on delivery

Cons: not found yet!

PRICE: £229 (at the time of writing)

see desk here

cato oak desk habitat

CATO Oak desk with solid wood legs (Habitat) £122.50

Cato Oak Desk With Solid Wood Legs (Habitat)

If you are looking for the ultimate simplicity then the Cato oak desk from Habitat is for you! Its very simplistic look can be very adaptable in almost any decor. I am really considering this desk for my home office. It is made from oak and the reviews are very positive! It is definitely one to consider if you are looking for simplistic lines.


Size (in cm): 75W x 45D x 77H
Material: oak veneer
Storage: one storage shelf

+ simple design
+ available in various colours

– assembly required
– writing surface on the smaller side

PRICE: £122.50 (inc. 30% off) (at the time of writing).

see desk here

mid century art display mini desk west elm

Mid-century art display mini desk (West Elm) £299

Mid-Century Art Display Mini Desk (West Elm)

This mid century small desk from West Elm is sooo sleek! I love the use of class, wood and antique brass. The desk is very modern and elegant! I can definitely see myself working on this desk and it will go really well in the office. This desk will make any room feel loved that’s for sure.

If space is tight and you don’t have the luxury of a home office, this desk can work really well incorporated in a bedroom and doubling up as a dressing table. You could also put it in a corner of the living room and it would definitely won’t feel like an office.

The only thing that is lacking though is that it doesn’t have closed drawers so I can hide the mess! However, the drawers would probably spoil its elegant and sleek look. You can’t have it all!

see desk here


Size (in cm): 92W x 56D x 76H
Material: tempered glass top. Engineered wood shelf with a walnut veneer covered in a dark walnut water-based finish. Steel frame in antique brass finish. acacia body, nickel legs.
Storage: one shelf

+ mixed materials
+ very elegant and can double up as vanity or console table

– assembly required

PRICE: £299 (at the time of writing).

penelope mini desk west elm

Penelope mini desk (West Elm) £399

Penelope Mini Desk (West Elm)

Don’t you think this is the cutest desk you have ever seen? This one has made it to my top small home office desks list as it can be very versatile and functional. As I want to make my office double up as a spare room, it is certainly one to consider. It will blend very well with the room and not feel like an office. You could even put it in a bedroom and use it as a dressing table when not using it as a desk! I love the power of disguise! It also has a drawer so it is a strong candidate too!


Size (in cm): 81W x 51D x 76H
Material: solid marble table top. Solid eucalyptus wood with acacia veneer in Acorn finish. Antique bronze finished hardware.
Storage: one drawer

+ marble table top for a bit of luxury
+ can double up as a dressing table

– assembly required
– can be a bit narrow if you need lots of space to work on

PRICE: £399 (at the time of writing).

see desk here

ladder shelf desk west elm

Ladder shelf desk (West Elm) £349

Ladder Shelf Storage Desk (West Elm)

I have already bought this desk for a corner downstairs. However, I am including it here as it is a really good desk and the perfect example of a small desk that can fit in the smallest of the corners. I actually bought it with an extra shelf and the result is superb.

The corner was very narrow and this desk and the extra shelf fit perfectly! It is a very sturdy desk and we have put the desktop computer for the kids to use in the family room. I wanted to include it here as it might be one you could consider for your space!


Size (in cm): 71W x 46D x 194H
Material: solid wood frame and wood shelves

Storage: two fixed shelves and desk with shelf underneath

+ two tone wood
+ plenty of storage

– must be attached to the wall
– narrow desk if you need more space

PRICE: £349 (at the time of writing).

see desk here

So these are my selection of the best small home office desks I have found. It is six of them and I have to really think of which one would suit my home office! Being a full time freelancer I am after a sturdy but compact desk that would fit in a small corner of the room! I only need space for my laptop and some sort of storage is a must! And you? What are your requirements for your desk apart from it being small? Have you found the desk your are looking for yet? I would love to read your comments.

Till the next post!

Yol xx

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