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7 easy ways to decorate with indoor succulents. More than just a trend!


love succulents, they remind me of my childhood when I was going to my grandma’s garden to admire her collection. I recently was in a friends’ garden and it reminded me of her! They had beautiful succulents in their garden and it just thought about how much I love these plants. For me it is more than just a trend so keep reading to find out why and also get some easy ideas on how to decorate your home with them.

As I am always trying to find ideas for my home decor, after the visit to my friends’ garden, I instantly knew I wanted to incorporate succulents in my home decor and so I did! I went with my kids to my local florist (Pinks Florists in High Barnet) and found the perfect succulents and pots. The funny thing is that my kids even gave them names! On that occasion we bought two but since I have bough more to add to my collection.

This post is all about decorating with succulents. They will not only incorporate colour to the room but they also have health benefits! Did you know that? Before I tell you more about my favourite ideas on how to decorate with succulents, I want to highlight two benefits which are very important to me.

pretty succulents


Two KEY benefits of succulents:

Succulents have many health benefits but the main two I really would consider are:

  • Succulents can help you breath easier!

Yes, succulents can improve the air quality of the home. It has for a long time been said and proven that plants help to improve the air circulating indoors. Even NASA conducted a study about indoor air quality and the use of plants and results show that air quality improved with plants! You can see more about the study here.

If you want to know more about Nasa’s study they even published a very popular book called “How to Grow Fresh Air: 50 Houseplants That Purify Your Home or Office” which I really recommend reading. You can buy it here.

I don’t mean you start filling your home with plants and succulents but it is something that you might want to consider in your home decor! I certainly do.

  • Succulents can grow everywhere & are easy maintenance

Yes, they actually can grow everywhere and are very easy to take care of. Put is this way, I don’t have much time with a full time job, two kids, the house, etc. but something I have to put my hands up to is that succulents are very easy to maintain! They are not demanding at all. Honestly, I promise you that apart from looking very lovely, elegant and delicate, they are indeed hardy plants and one of the toughest around. Even if you don’t have green fingers you can manage. Just a bit of water, some light, love and succulent fertiliser… and voila!! Easy, don’t you agree?

Of course there are more benefits of indoor succulents such as healing powers, they are easy to multiply, they help with productivity and have calming effects. You can find more benefits here.

7 easy ideas to decorate with succulents

How to decorate with succulents

So, now that I have told you about the two main benefits of having indoor succulents for me, now it is time to go down to business and tell you that you can use succulents in many ways to decorate your home or office. My favourite ideas are:

Keep it in a simple pot on the shelf!

I personally like to keep things simple so I have my small succulents in individual pretty pots. I tend to display them on shelves in my newly created extension spaceย  (more than that on another post) and also on the living room.

succulent displayed on shelf

On the dining table

Having a succulent on the dining table will instantly create a focus point and add some interest to it. I have one succulent on the dining table in a pretty pot and it really ads some character to the modern space.

succulent table decor

On the window sill

You may agree with me that window sills are boring :-).ย  The window sill is a space that sometimes is too narrow to include anything and most of us have it empty. However, I find mini succulents the perfect plants to add some interest to the window sill. I have a big window in my extension and a low window sill where I have included a plant and a mini succulent plant in a pretty pot (see image below). Both, the plant and mini succulent I bought from The Little Botanical and they fill the space beautifully and, most importantly, they add interest to the window sill. So, my window sill is not boring anymore, don’t you agree?

interior succulent by the window sill with plant

The perfect book end

Yes, a succulent can be perfect as a bookend. It will hold the book and will add some interest to it. So, for me it has 100% my vote. If you are thinking of bookends, an indoor succulent can be the perfect alternative. I wouldn’t think twice about it after I had a vase as a book end and it fell from the shelve and broke into pieces! Lesson learned though: never put a fragile vase as a bookend!

interior succulent as a book end

In a terrarium

A terrarium can display several succulents of different sizes, types and colours. It can look stunning and, if you love gardening, you can adventure to have a go at composing one yourself! It is very easy, you only need a pretty container or terrarium and a variety of small succulents. Terrariums can also add character to any space and, if you don’t have a garden, at least you can do a bit of gardening indoors!

succulent plants in a terrarium

On your home office

If you are like me and spend hours no end in front of a computer and work from home, one thing that will add interest and bring some calm to the room is to incorporate indoor succulents on your desk! You don’t need many, just a few to keep you company. I will eventually get round to decorating my home office and including succulents is one of the things that I am going to seriously consider.

succulent on office desk

So now you know whyย I think succulents can be beautifully incorporated in the home and I invite you to try some of the ideas in yours! I certainly have them in mine and it is beautiful. You just need to look after them from time to time (I promise is not hard!).

Do you have interior succulents in your home? I would like to know more about it and maybe you can share some pictures? ๐Ÿ™‚

Take care and see you on the next post!

Yol x

Office desk photo byย Kari Shea


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