how to add colour into a neutral room

9 great ways to incorporate a splash of colour into a neutral room

Having a room in a neutral colour palette such as white, grey, beige, ivory or even black is in fact very versatile. If you are wondering how to change a room, you can easily change the look and feel of the room by simply adding colourful accessories or incorporating textures. I love rooms that change depending of the season and colour can add a dramatic effect in a room.

This post is all about ways and ideas to add colour to a neutral room. In winter you might want to add some red or brown colour touches with throws or texture cushions. However, in spring or summer you might be more inclined to add blues, yellows and greens to the room. Or you might want to follow trends and add patterns or even touches of the Living Coral pantone colour of the year! These changes can make the room feel new and refreshed!

Check out these ideas on how to quickly incorporate colour into a neutral colour palette room.

Bring colour into the room with cushions

Cushions are very versatile and on their own can change the look an feel of a room in an instant. Add some texture in the winter and some colourful cushions in spring or summer for a completely different look. I personally love reds for winter and blues or greens for spring summer.

Velvet cushions are my favourite right now and these square velvet cushions with linen backed come in such a beautiful range of colours! They are from Graham & Green and can easily add some colour to a room. Pick your colour! Find them here.

velvet square colour cushions graham green

Velvet and linen backed cushions from Graham & Green

Get a statement colourful chair in the room

What can I say about chairs! I love them and they are so versatile. Chairs can definitely add some colour to a neutral room. Pick a chair of a colour that goes with your decor and the room suddenly becomes more interesting.

I recently bought a blue velvet chair for my living room and it really adds some character and colour to the room. If you are looking for a velvet chair read my post about 10 top velvet accent chairs worthy of a boutique hotel.

accent blue velvet armchair

Bring plants and flowers into the room

Plants and flowers can quickly add a bit of colour and interest to a neutral colour room. You can have statement plants for corners or simple succulents or flowers. Group them together on a table to add interest.

Succulents they are very versatile and can make a shelve, table or window sill filled with colour and texture. Here are some ideas on how to decorate with interior succulents.

add colour with plants

Image by Designecologist

Add a colourful lamp or lampshade!

A colourful lampshade can add instant interest and colour to a room. It can also easily changed to easily change the look and feel of a room.

For some great lampshades, I recommend checking out Etsy. They have a great selection of lampshades.

I find Etsy a great source to find unique handmade items. There are many talented home designers selling on Etsy. I even had the opportunity to interview Francesca, the designer behind Zzinihome. She makes colourful lampshades such as the one from the picture below and amazing cushions. Isn’t the lampshade beautiful? Visit Zzinihome’s shop on Etsy.

zzinihome colourful lampshade

Incorporate colour with art

A big piece of colourful art can easily incorporate not only interest to a neutral room but also a splash of colour.

I have a big piece of art in red in my kitchen extension and it really is an interesting focal point.

Again, Etsy is a great source for colourful wall art. Search for “wall art” on Etsy to find a great selection of art for your home.

colourful wall art etsy

Contemporary hand painted wall art by EARTITALY on Etsy

A colourful rug can revamp a room

Change the look of a neutral room by incorporating a colourful rug. You can have a rug to make the room feel cozy in winter and a lighter one for the summer. I specially like the colourful rugs from The blue, mustard an grey geometrical run on the picture below is just stunning and not only adds colour but also interest to the room. The rug is hand tufted and made of wool. It is simply stunning! Check out the Nyberg hand tufted wool rug from here.

nyberg hand tufted colour rug

Nyberg hand tufted wool rug from

Colourful accessories to bright up the room

Accessories are so versatile! From vases to small figures and anything in between. They can add colour and interest to any room. Accessories can be displayed on shelves either on their own or grouped together. The choice is yours!

Habitat has a great selection of accessories including these colourful glass vases. The blue and green vase on the right is my favourite, you can check it out here.

colourful glass vases from habitat

Collection of vases from Habitat

Go for a colourful throw

Either in the room or living room, a throw can add instant colour to the space! Let yourself feel snugly by adding a throw into your decor. Throws can incorporate texture and make a room feel cozy.

I specially like the colourful red one on the image from John Lewis & Partners. They have a great selection of red throws, check them out here.

red throw by john lewis and partners

Red plain knit throw from John Lewis & Partners


Dress the windows with colour

Windows can become a focal point with colourful curtains. I recommend buying curtains that you can easily replace to change the look of a room. By changing the curtains, cushions and adding a matching rug you can completely change a neutral room by adding some colour.

Check out Maisons du Monde here for some affordable curtains like the yellow one on the picture. This yellow linen curtain is ideal to bring colour to a neutral room. Check it out here.

yellow linen curtains

Yellow linen curtain by Maisons du Monde.

It is truly amazing how a neutral palette room can change its appearance by simply adding some accessories don’t you think? Instead of adding colour to a room by just painting the walls, try to paint the room in a neutral colour and just add some colourful accessories. The result is just fantastic and really easy to change depending on the season or your mood!

Let me know how you get on! Also, if you have any other ideas on how to incorporate a splash of colour into a neutral room, let me know!

Until the next post!

Yol xx

Featured image by Vencislavas Popa

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