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9 stylish copper living room ideas you will love!


opper has been one of my favourite metals for quite a some time. I always find myself looking at copper home decor accessories, home furnishings, wall hangings, ornaments… you name it! I look at anything copper. I find the metal so stunning and goes with so many different styles. From modern and contemporary rooms to a very traditional and classic decor, copper goes with everything! Well that’s what I think anyway.

However, one thing I really tend to do and I advise you to do is not to overdo it. It is so easy to get carried away and buy a lot of copper living room accessories!

9 stylish copper living room ideas

I recently used copper in my living room. I have created a grown up space with a very dark wall and made to measure shelves and cabinets. Both the wall and furniture have been painted with Farrow & Ball Railings paint. A very dark yet glamorous paint! The handles of the cabinets are in copper.

I have been a bit obsessed with copper lately but I have not over done it as I mostly look and just buy the pieces that I really like and would go with my decor. I have seen so many great ideas with copper for the living room that I want to share the most stylish ones with you. Here are the 9 stylish and elegant copper living room ideas and accessories I have found!

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Copper door handles

I think some copper door handles can make any cabinet, wardrobe or even a door stand out and give it a bit of style. I did exactly that in my living room and bought some copper handles after the renovation. I found these amazing copper handles made from pipes that look the part and also give a stylish industrial look to the cabinet. You can find them at a shop in Etsy called Proper Copper Design. Nice name eh? I had a very good experience with the shop. They answered all of my questions about the product and delivery was also very quick!

The handle design is so original I always get nice comments! Even the carpenter that made the cabinets said it was an unusual yet stylish choice of copper handles! You can buy the copper handles here.

copper cabinet handles

Copper floor lamp

A copper floor lamp can add a wow factor to any corner of the living room. I love the atmosphere they create when only the lamp is lit in the room. The coziness and glamour that the reflection of the light brings against the copper is just stunning. I have been looking at copper lamps recently and there are many styles and sizes. My favourite is the copper angles floor lamp from The French Bedroom Company. You can buy it here.

copper handlesImage: The French Bedroom Company

Copper planters

Copper planters can add some texture and detail to any room or shelf. I particularly like to use them with succulents on a shelf in my living room. In fact this photo is the one I have in my home. I love the luminosity the copper brings when the light is reflected on it. Check out Etsy for similar ones. If you like succulents like me, I invite you to read my post about how to decorate with indoor succulents. A great read if you want to know how to introduce them indoors.

copper planter with succulent on shelf

Copper lamp

In my opinion a living room can instantly reflect style and elegance if it has a statement beautiful copper lamp. Although the lamp can be an statement on its own, it is specially pretty when the light gets reflected in the metal. I particularly love this one from Etsy, it is a stunning 1960’s vintage copper lamp by Hans-Agne Jakobsson. Stunning piece of art don’t you think?

1960 vintage copper lamp

Copper side table

When copper is concerned, a side table can bring glamour and style to a living room.  If you don’t have much copper in your decor and want to add some copper items to your living room then I think you can’t go wrong with this copper painted side table from Swoon.

mosse sidtab copper side tableImage: Swoon

Copper mirror

I love mirrors!! Yes, I find mirrors great to reflect light into a room and, lets be realistic, we don’t have much light in this country. I have been looking to incorporate a mirror into my living room decor and I have found that copper would be great. I don’t have many things in copper so I think a mirror would add some character and style to the room. I have been looking at mirrors and I think I have found the one I like! It is the John Lewis & Partners round hanging mirror and at £95 it is something I really have to consider purchasing. What do you think about the mirror?

copper mirror john lewisImage: John Lewis & Partners

Copper photo frames

There are so many copper living room accessories! I have found very difficult to pick some and get a favourite one. However, I think that you can’t never go wrong with a photo frame.

I visited a Paperchase shop over the weekend and found this beautiful copper frame which I really love. They have other sizes but I found the tiny one really cute! Ideal for a special photo.

papperchase copper photo frame

Image: Papperchase

Copper candle holders

Who doesn’t love candles! I really like the atmosphere they give to the room when lit. I think that having some candle holders in copper can really add an instant style to the room. I particularly like these ones.

copper candle holders selection

1.  Two geometric copper tealight holders from Etsy £6.82 | 2. Small copper tealight holders from Etsy £4.50 | 3. Copper painted concrete tea light candle holder from Etsy £6 | 4. Blown copper metal candlestick from Maisons du Monde £5.99 

I love candles and particularly scented ones! Don’t you?

Copper cushions

Cushions are a great way of changing the style of a room depending on the season or adjusting to a trend! Copper cushions are so in right now. I have been looking at a few of them to incorporate into my living room. I think that a detail on the cushion in copper is enough.

copper cushions selection

1.  Copper pipe with steam cushion from Redbubble £15.60| 2. Aria cushion cover from Maisons du Monde £17.99 | 3. Espinillo velvet velvet cushion indigo copper from Clarissa Hulse £69 | 4. Copper and midnight navy cushion from Redbubble £15.60

With all these ideas about how to include copper into your living room, I want to emphasise that it is not necessary to get carried away with the use of copper or any other trend! A few details in copper are enough to make a room feel stylish. My advice: Don’t overdo it!

Do you like the copper trend? How have you incorporated it into your home? I would love to know how you have used copper in your home.

Till the next post!

Yol x

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