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9 ways to bring natural Christmas decorations into your home

When it comes to Christmas decorations, there is no rule on how to decorate the tree or the home. Minimalistic look, Scandi, rustic, traditional… you name it. There are so many ways of decorating a home for Christmas and, if you have kids like me, then colour is a must!ย For me, the only rule that counts is “do it how you like it!” Well, it also has to look nice! ๐Ÿ™‚

Personally, I like adding natural touches to my Christmas home decor. You can of course go for the whole natural Christmas decorations look or just have little touches. On this post I want to do just that, show you how you can add natural festive decorations into your home. I can easily get inspired by some of the ideas and go to the woods to pick up some of materials. I also tend to shop for pretty branches and foliage.ย  So, there you go my selection of 9 classy ways to bring natural Christmas decorations into your home.

Alternative natural Christmas tree

If you don’t have the space for a traditional Christmas tree, this is a brilliant natural alternative! You can easily make it with some wooden twigs and rope. You can simply decorate it with pretty Christmas baubles to complete the look. Voila! Easy right? So, a walk in the woods it is then?ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

alternative natural christmas tree

Elegant foliage displays

This is one of my favourite ways to display pretty Christmas foliage and a simple vase would complete the look. Christmas foliage is widely available in florists around Christmas and you don’t need much to make a beautiful yet simple natural Christmas display. Are you up for it?

christmas arrangement foliage in vase

Image: Jennifer Pallian

Mini Christmas tree

Why have just one Christmas tree? A mini tabletop Christmas tree will look great on a shelf, a mantlepiece or on a sideboard. Complete the look with candles or Christmas decorations. You can also display a few of them together!

mini christmas tree with lights

Natural Christmas wreaths

Oranges, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, lemons and some pine greenery. Anything out of nature goes and the look is just stunning! With a natural festive wreath hung from your front door, even the postman will look at it twice!

There are many tutorials like this one on how to make a natural christmas wreath. But if you don’t have the time you can also buy it from your closest florist. You can easily find them towards the end of November. There is also a lovely handmade selection from small makers on Etsy.

citrus orange cinnamon and pine cones wreath

Cinnamon and pine cones Christmas tree decor

If you really want your beautiful natural Christmas tree to look even more natural and smell beautifully, I encourage you to decorate it with pine cones and cinnamon sticks. Ahh… and to add a bit of Christmas feel to it, you can add some Christmas lights. There is nothing simpler and more natural right?

pine cone and cinnamon christmas tree decor

Cute natural table Christmas decorations

For me a very important part of Christmas is the food and the Christmas table decor. Christmas is a time to celebrate and the table has to look the part. Pretty plates, cutlery, wine glasses, champagne glasses, water glasses, christmas napkins, etc. Everything needs to be pristine!ย  I find the Christmas table a great way to incorporate cute natural festive table decorations. I really like these painted pine cones in small terracotta pots and a wooden star. They are so cute and easy to make!

mini pine cones trees table christmas decoration

Wooden natural tree decorations

Small wooden decorations can look very simplistic and fabulous on any tree if what you are trying to achieve is a natural Christmas decor. There are many choices of wooden Christmas decorations for the tree. Etsy has a brilliant selection here.

wooden natural tree decorations

Natural Christmas candles centrepiece

I find candles a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. There are so many ways you can integrate candles into the Christmas decor. I particularly like them as part of a centrepiece and, because the post is all about natural Christmas decorations, they look stunning on top of some small twigs, cone pines and a bit of pine greenery.

candles natural christmas decoration

Spiced orange pomander balls

One thing I should say is that spiced orange-clove pomander balls smell absolutely beautiful! Try to mix them up with some cinnamon sticks for the perfect Christmas fragrance. Check out this tutorial on how to make orange pomander balls.

spiced orange pomander balls

There are so many pretty festive decorations that can be made with things you find in nature. From beautiful garlands to tree decorations, nature is a source of beautiful things and I encourage you to incorporate a bit of nature into your home. Do you need more inspiration? Check out my Pinterest board on natural Christmas decorations. How do you like your Christmas decor? Do you incorporate nature in it? I would love to know who.

Till the next post! Enjoy your week.

Yol xx



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