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Hi, Hola, Bonjour!

Lets start with a Hello, Hola & Bonjour!! I am not a languages teacher if you are wondering. My friends call me Yol and my live revolves around three countries: Spain (where I am originally from), France (where my husband is from) and the UK (where my two amazing kids are from and where we all live). As you can imagine, at home there is a mixture of cultures, languages and stubbornness (the French side that is! he he).
I love decor, interior design, home decorations and anything to do with decorating a space! Interior design has been my secret passion (not a secret anymore) since I was a little girl and was browsing my mum’s interior design magazines. I have been a fan of interior design ever since and I love finding new ideas and trends to explore.  Last year we renovated and extended the downstairs of the house and with the exception of the dust and the fact that my daughter’s room became the lounge, dining area and kitchen, I loved spending time choosing a kitchen, tiles, painting, floor, switches, lights, etc. The house is still a working progress! On this blog I share with you my decorating ideas, thoughts and what inspires me. Expect a mixture of cultures in my decor ideas!
I really like travelling and exploring different cultures and I often find myself looking at hotel lobbies, cafes, florists, decor shops, etc. to find inspiration and ideas. So expect some of that too!
Well, enough about me (for now), I invite you to read my blog and if you want to say Hello, Hola or Bonjour to me you can contact me here:
See you around!
Yol x 🙂