bathroom with switchable electric glass

A bathroom in Paris amazingly well integrated into the room with switchable glass

When I travel I always look forward to seeing the hotel room. It is something I have always been curious about. We went to Paris two weeks ago and stayed at the Novotel Gare du Lyon. When I checked out the room I discovered the bathroom had been integrated into the room with a switchable glass also know as smart glass. In fact it was my little boy who discovered the switch and pressed it. You can imagine the laughs we had when he discovered he could see through the glass into the room!

Lets see some pictures and talk about the switchable glass. Shall we?

Integrated bathroom into the room

The bathroom at the Paris hotel had been very well integrated into the room with an electric switchable frosted glass that could be switched on and off from a convenient switch next to the bath. Here is the view from the room and it doesn’t look like the frosted glass is going to become clear anytime soon right? The hotel has done a good job into letting natural light into the bathroom whilst maintaining privacy. So thumbs up to that!

integrated bathroom into the room with switchable glass

Once you pressed the switch next to the bathroom door, the glass turns into clear and you can see into the bathroom or room, depending where you are standing. Clever don’t you think?

I found the bathroom had been very well integrated into the room with a simple switchable glass. The design is a brilliant idea as you can easily take a bath and watch TV by looking through the glass or check out what’s going on in the room. It is very convenient if you have small kids you have just put into bed and want to keep an eye on them. It kind of works in a hotel!

electric frosted glass bathroom room

The bathroom from the inside

From the inside bathroom is very simple and modern with a big lit mirror, the sink tap, theย  shower tap and fitting are from Hansgrohe. The bathroom features a molded in sink in a dark brown/green tone. It is a great idea for hotels to have a molded in sink as it is easier to maintain and clean. I think it is very clever and it looks fantastic.

The tiles are in a dark brown/green tone an complement the sink very well. The bathroom has a convenient glass shower screen that comes very handy for when taking a shower or bath.

The main feature of the bathroom is the frosted switchable glass though! It really makes the room complete.

bathroom in paris

Switchable glass to separate the bathroom from the room

Switchable glass is a great invention and it has been used in this bathroom to separate it from the rest of the hotel room. By just pressing a button the glass goes from frosted to clear. Very sleek!

But how does switchable or privacy glass work? Well, it all has to do with the glass containing liquid crystal molecules. When the electricity is switched on (typically by pressing a switch) the molecules align letting the light pass and the glass clears! On the contrary, when the electricity is switched off, the molecules change orientation regulating the tint of the glass and making it opaque. You can find out more about how the smart glass works here.

bathroom with electric frosted glass

This photo shows how when the switch is electricity the glass clears and you can see into the rest of the room. From the bath you can see what’s going on in the room and even watch TV. A great feature! I can see it working into a loft room too where you can put a bath behind a switchable glass. In fact I have seen some pictures of it.

switchable privacy glass bathroom

Toilet separated by a glass door

If you have been to France you might have noticed that the toilets are always separate from the rest of the bathroom. Well, the thing is that I personally don’t like the idea but it is all over France! It is really part of the culture. The first time I saw it I found it very weird indeed. However, that’s another story.

This bathroom is no exception and they have incorporated a door to separate the toilet from the rest of the bathroom. The separation is a frosted glass door and matches the look of the electric glass. This one doesn’t switch to clear though! Kind of a relief I must say.

toilet separated from bathroom by door

And finally, as the bathroom is in Paris, I thought I share with you one of my favourite pictures I took over the weekend. It is one of Paris by night with the Tour Eiffel in the background. Pretty isn’t it?

paris by night

This hotel in Paris has managed to incorporate the bathroom into the room in a very sleek way. By creating the illusion of a simple frosted glass separation, the bathroom can become part of the room by just pressing a switch!

Where would you like to incorporate switchable electric glass into your home? For me it would definitely be in the loft.ย I would love to know your ideas.

See you in the next post!

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