easy to follow new year's eve resolutions

Easy to follow New Year’s home decor resolutions

Happy New Year! The year has come to an end and with it another year to reflect back on. This year I have been really inspired by the trends such as the copper trend which I love and I have really enjoyed incorporating some of them into my home.  One of the highlights of the year has been the focus on nature. We have seen more indoor plants, cactus and succulents incorporated into the home decor.  You might want to read my post about easy ways to decorate with indoor succulents here.

I always look forward to the year changing and, after saying goodbye to 2018, it is time to focus on 2019 and keep getting inspired by new things! I am already looking forward to the next trends and I have already started writing about them. Check out my post about how to decorate room by room with Pantone living coral colour of the year.

One of the things I do early in the year is to come up with some New Year’s home decor resolutions. These 8 easy to achieve decor resolutions are high up on my list of things to do in 2019. I really hope I can achieve them!

new years home decor resolutions

Not to decorate in a rush

I don’t know you but I think this is my first New Year’s resolution! In the past I have decorated in a rush and made silly decisions and I am not going to make them again! This mistake is very easy to make. Who hasn’t gone into a shop and bought the first thing you liked without thinking if it was going to fit or even check if the colour scheme would work? I am done with impulse purchases just because the price was reduced or “I think” it is going to fit in the room when I haven’t even checked the measurements, etc.

This is one of my priorities this year, I will take my time in deciding the colour scheme, finding the correct furniture that fits and picking the right accessories.

Include more fresh flowers into the decor

A bouquet of fresh flowers gives a new atmosphere and colour to a room. It is very easy to pick up a bunch of flowers from the garden or buy each week a bouquet of your favourite flowers from your nearest florist. This is something I will definitely do more often! You can even split the bunch of flowers into different vases and scatter them around the house.

fresh flowers in room decor

Make an entrance!

After renovating the downstairs of the house, one of the things that it is still pending is to paint the front door. At the moment it is blue and it was damaged by the builders when we did the renovation. So, the plan is to get it repaired, painted and improve the front door security. We all tend to focus more on the colour of the door but I will make sure that the door is secure and has a proper lock that complies with insurance requirements. By the way, you might want to read this post about front door security. It is a really good post with tips from a master locksmith.

With regards to the colour, I have pretty much an idea and I am still deciding about it but it is not going to be blue that’s for sure!

The entrance hallway is very narrow (typical of a victorian home) and there is no much space to do anything. I have been looking at some decor inspiration on Pinterest. I have even created a board about narrow hallway decor ideas.

Revamp the home office room

Home offices tend to get abandoned or be the last ones to get updated. I work from home and my office is far from being the room I want it to be. It has everything I need but not the way I need the room to work. I want the room to work harder and maybe be a spare room when we have visitors. This year I want to make the most of the room and make sure it gets revamped.

home office revamp new years resolution

Image by Arnel Hasanovic

Organise the toys in the home

One of the things that come with kids is toys!! and all the storage issues that come with them. At home it is important we have storage for them so when they finish playing they are stored away in cupboards or shelves. The whole point is not to step of anything at the end of the day when trying to have a relaxed time when the kids are asleep.

I am going to organise the toys and games and check which toys they don’t play with anymore. If they no longer play with a toy we either give it away to friends, family or donate them to charity. This way we have space for the new toys!

tidy up toys

Stick to quality not quantity

A very important thing to do this year is to focus on having quality pieces rather than have lots of tat! When I say quality pieces, I don’t mean buying expensive pieces. The key is to shop around and make sure that want I am buying is going to last. I must admit that I have bought nice pieces in the past but they haven’t lasted long. I am just not going to do this anymore! In the long run they really are more expensive than buying good quality to start with.

quality furniture new years resolution

Look for new inspirational makers and designers

Finding new makers and designers, knowing their products, their motivation, inspiration, etc. is something I really enjoy. I have found lovely products in the past and will definitely continue to look for more.

I have even started a new section on the blog where I interview makers and designers. You might want to read my interviews with pattern designer Agnes from AS Patterns, home products maker Francesca from Zzinnihome or candle maker Gemini from Apothecary Essence.

autumn fruit collection as patterns

Don’t accumulate clutter

Many of us tend to accumulate stuff and more stuff. Last year, I read a book by Japanese organisation expert Mari Kondo called “The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up: The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing”. I am a big fan of all things Japanese from sushi to the culture! The book definitely inspired me in getting rid of things I no longer needed. It was a eye opener which I will talk about in another post. What I really want to do this year is not to accumulate clutter anymore. 

don't accumulate clutter resolution

These decor resolutions are easy to follow and I will certainly try to stick to them this year. I will start by not rushing into decisions and continue by decorating the home office. I really want the room to work harder! And you? What are your New Year’s home decor resolutions? Do you usually stick to them? I would love to know!

Till the next post!

Yol xx


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