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Functional contemporary kitchen makeover on a budget (before & after)


love an stylish kitchen makeover, don’t you? I often find myself looking at kitchen makeovers and renovation ideas in magazines. It really is an addiction! Kitchens are one of the rooms in the house where you really can make a difference even by changing the tiles or giving it a coat of fresh paint. Obviously, kitchen transformations are what I enjoy the most!

I wanted to share with you a kitchen that has been completely transformed on a budget. The owners of the house have done a bit more than just changing the tiles or painting it. Although the kitchen has been completely transformed, the owners decided to save money by keeping all the kitchen appliances, kitchen sink and tap as they were in really good condition. By doing this you can save a substantial amount of money.

The actual kitchen makeover is from a house in France and the owners have kindly agreed to get the kitchen renovation featured on Decor Ideas World. Thanks a lot for letting me feature your beautiful kitchen on the blog!

The old kitchen

The old kitchen had been installed in 1993 and, although it was in a really good condition, it didn’t suit the owners taste and preferences anymore.

A few years ago they had made a small upgrade by changing the kitchen’s tiles, worktop and some of the appliances. This time they decided to really revamp their kitchen. They wanted a functional and modern kitchen that incorporated all their needs.

The old kitchen was in a really good condition so they sold it and this helped towards the budget for the new kitchen.

old kitchen makeover

The brief

Having lived with the kitchen for over 20 years, the owners knew very well want they liked, what they didn’t and what they wanted their new kitchen to have. They had a budget in mind and their brief was very simple:

  • They wanted a functional and modern kitchen.
  • The wanted to keep all the kitchen appliances, sink and tap as they were in really good condition.
  • Another important element was having a kitchen table.
  • The white tiles were going to be replaced as they wanted to have a warmer looking floor. The use of engineered wooden floor in a warm colour has achieved the look.
  • Lighting was another area of concern. Although they had various lamps they felt the light was not enough as some of the areas in the kitchen were not lit properly. Also, the fridge was next to the garden door and it was blocking part of the natural light to the kitchen. The kitchen lights were going to be replace by spotlights.

After seeing different kitchen furniture stores and getting several quotes, the kitchen was ordered from SCHMIDT kitchens in France. The designer at SCHMIDT kitchens provided them with a kitchen plan that took into account all their requirements.ย They liked the quality, service and price of the kitchen.

The building works

As with any kitchen makeover or any house renovation, there is no gain without seeing the kitchen or part of it destroyed! I remember when we had our kitchen renovated, you really don’t see how it is going to look beautiful. One thing I am happy with, it was not me doing the works!

The couple lived in the house whilst the kitchen was getting renovated. In their case it was only the kitchen but if you are doing more renovations in your home you might want to read my blog post about living onsite during a home renovation project. It gives you some tips on how to cope with living in the home!

Once the order was placed, the kitchen was manufactured, delivered and installed. It took four months from ordering to receiving the kitchen. The building works lasted four an a half days and that was it, the kitchen was fully functional and decorated! They just needed the final personal touches.

kitchen makeover process building works

A functional contemporary kitchen

After the wait and the four and a half days of works at home and eating in restaurants and take aways, they finally had their dream kitchen.

They kitchen door cabinets are in a “kashmir grey” colour and, with the exception of a tall cabinet in the corner of the kitchen, all the kitchen cabinets are low and none of them are hanging from the walls. This was a requirement as they wanted to achieve a spacious kitchen that didn’t feel cramped.

contemporary kitchen makeover

After living with the old kitchen for such a long time, one think they really wanted to move was the fridge as it was blocking the light coming from the garden. The couple decided to move the fridge to the corner of the kitchen and incorporate a tall kitchen cabinet between the fridge and the microwave and oven. To give it a modern look, the cabinet door is in an “oxid blue” colour, the same tone as the worktop. Two toned kitchen cabinets are so much in trend right now!

two tone colour kitchen renovation

The kitchen has a 39 mm thick laminate worktop in “oxid blue” colour. The colour same as the tall cabinet next to the oven tower unit.

A small splashback, the same colour as the worktop, surrounds the wall around the worktop. The cooker hob has also a bigger spashback in “oxid blue”.

How about the table? One of the requirements was to be able to eat in the kitchen so it was a must! The table is in the same colour (onix blue) and material as the worktop. The four contemporary chairs complete the look.

functional kitchen makeover

Keeping the old appliances

The owners don’t regret having kept the appliances as they were in really good condition and they have helped them to stick to their budget. The hob, extractor fan, microwave, oven, fridge and dishwasher were kept and installed again in the new kitchen. So were the tap and kitchen sink. A really smart decision if you want to save yourself some money!

recycling old kitchen appliances

Finishing Touches

After the installation, it was time to finally get the finishing touches!

The owners decided to paint one of the walls in the kitchen in a purple tone. The exact purple colour is called “acanthe intense”. The rest of the kitchen has been painted in a whiter colour is called “nigelle delicat”. Both colours are from the French brand Guittet Paints. Guittet paints has been a leading brand in paints in the French market for over 50 years. The brand has branches all over the country. Unfortunately, they are not in the UK yet. For similar paint colours check out Dulux, I have used the brand in my home. Their colours are gorgeous and the quality of the paint is really good.

modern kitchen renovation

The owners wanted to incorporate a TV to be able to watch the news whilst having breakfast in the morning.

The owners are coffee lovers and a corner of the kitchen is being used as a coffee preparation area. The modern fruit bowl also adds some interest to the kitchen.

kitchen makeover accessories

The couple wanted to achieve a functional contemporary kitchen and this kitchen makeover has achieved exactly that. They had a budget in mind and, by selling the old kitchen and keeping the appliances, they have been able to really go for a quality modern kitchen.

Have you ever done a kitchen makeover? Have you changed or renovated your kitchen recently? Did you stick to your budget?

Till the next post!

Yol xx

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contemporary kitchen makeover on a budget

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