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How to choose a sofa for a small space. 5 crucial tips to consider!


ast year we built a side return extension, which I will talk about in another post, and we decided to create a small chill out area and incorporate a small sofa. The space is not big and I thought it would not be difficult to find the perfect sofa. I should say that finding the perfect sofa for a small space took hours of research and lots of measuring and checking fabric swaps. Maybe I am a bit picky! I wouldn’t say it was easy but I did it in the end and we are really happy with our buy. I learned a thing or two about how to choose a sofa for a small space and I would love to share my tips with you! So, there you go…

Measure the space

measure the space

Of course measuring the space is the obvious one! However, I couldn’t stress this enough as you will certainly avoid the mistake I did after visiting a furniture shop and falling in love with a sofa just to get back to the house all excited and finding out that the sofa was too big for the space! Honestly, is not a great feeling when you realise that you have wasted some precious hours. But the worst thing is that you are again in square one and what you had imagined on the tube back home about you sitting in that perfect sofa is not going to happen. Anyway, lesson learned so MEASURE THE SPACE!.

So, what happened next? I measured the space and made sure I had the maximum dimensions in order to end up with a sofa that would definitely fit the tiny space. When I say tiny it is tiny!! The space is in my dinning area and I wanted to be able to move around comfortably.

Will the sofa get in into your home?

choosing a small sofa for a small space


This is a crucial tip and one that it is easy to forget when buying any type of big furniture. This is one of the first things I do when buying big and bulky furniture. Ask yourself the question: How will the sofa get into my home?. So, get the tape measure out and measure up the entry door, stair case, any corridors, etc. and calculate not only how the sofa will get through the front door but also how it will get from the front door to the assigned space. Normally the shop where you find the sofa from will tell you the packaging dimensions, if it comes assembled or not, etc. so you can make the proper calculations. Then you need to calculate the space, I recommend you to read this post with tips on how to measure your space for furniture delivery.
What you really don’t want to do is to end up in a forum like this one asking for help because your sofa can’t get into the house. So take out the tape measure!

Try it!

small sofa detail

Yes, try the sofa before you buy it is another of my crucial tips. You might think sofas will be comfortable even if I buy them online. Indeed you can buy it online as I did but I went to the shop first to try it out! Although I did most of my research online, I also went to see the sofas I was interested in, sitting on them, checking the structure, cushions and fabrics. I would have hated to end up with a sofa that is uncomfortable. At the end of the day they are not cheap!

Choose the right fabric!

fabric swatches

Do you have children? Are there any pets in your home? These are crucial questions to ask yourself when choosing a sofa for your space as the fabric will depend on it. In my case I have kids so I went for a fabric that could easily be cleaned and I avoided white! The fabric I choose can be cleaned with a little bit of water (I haven’t tried it yet but this is why I went for it in the first place). I want easy maintenance furniture and fabrics and the sofa is one of them! My other sofa in the living room is leather so again it was chosen with the kids in mind. So, don’t look at only the colours but also the type of fabric and, if in doubt, ask the shop assistant to help you choose the best fabric for your needs. Maybe the covers can be removed so they are easy to clean.

Another thing to consider when choosing the fabric is where is the sofa going to be located. If it is in direct sunlight you might want choose a synthetic fabric rather than natural materials.

In terms of colour, my advice is to look at the overall decor of the room and make sure the colour and texture of the sofa matches your decor. So, I strongly advise you to get fabric swatches and check them against your existing decor. In my case I ended up with a grey sofa and goes really well with the rest of the decor in the room.

Don’t make rush decisions!


small grey sofa with red cushion

It is very easy to see the sofa you love in store or online, make a rush decision and end up buying it on the spot without measuring the space, checking the fabric or even sitting on it. Believe me, I have done it in the past and I have regretted some purchases (not sofas but other stuff). So, I really recommend you to take your time and think about it when buying a small sofa for that small room in your home. This is one of my golden rules when buying items for the home. I apply it every time and I tell you that I end up very happy with the purchases I make. There is always the option to return the furniture but it could be costly and a hassle too!

These are my top tips when buying a sofa and they work for me! Do you have any tips that work for you? I would love to read about them and know your opinion.

Till the next post!

Yol x

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