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How to make a beautiful 3D origami dresses picture frame (step by step)


have always been drawn to anything Japanese, I love sushi, loved Tokyo and Mount Fuji when I went and can’t wait to go back one day! and obviously I have done some origami, hence this post!

Origami is a very ancient paper folding tradition and it is so calming!ย  My inspiration to make this 3D origami dresses picture frame came when I was redecorating my daughter’s room. I saw the beautiful dresses on Pinterest (check out my origami Pinterest board) and that inspired me in creating a collection of dresses and displaying it in a 3D frame.

In reality I bought two frames but I have only just started working on the second display. It is also in origami but I haven’t finished the origami pieces yet. So, you will have to wait for that one I am afraid! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lets just start with explaining how I made this origami dress picture frame. I am explaining how to make it step by step!

origami dresses 3d picture materials

Origami Dress Picture Frame Materials

To create this origami picture frame, there are two differentiated parts. The first part is that you need to need to create the origami dresses. These will take time and I suggest you don’t rush it and just do one when you have a bit of time in your hands. It took me a few weeks to get the collection but it doesn’t mean that it will be your case as I didn’t have much time to do it. So here are the materials you need for the two parts of the project:

Materials for the origami dresses

  • Origami paper
  • Papercraft embellishments

You need origami paper of different colours and patterns. The size I have used is 15 x 15 cm but you can choose a bigger size if you wish. It all depends how big you want the dresses to be for your project.
Paperchase has a really good selection of paper of different colours and patterns. Check their origami paper here.

I also suggest you get some papercraft embellishments such as ribbons or little gems. Paperchase has also some self-addessive gems such as this ones.

Materials to mount 3D origami picture frame

  • 3D Frame – I have used a 50 x 50 cm frame
  • Origami dresses
  • Scissors
  • Wrapping paper for background
  • Glue stick

materials origami dresses picture frame

In order to mount the frame you will need the dresses you have previously made (see below) and a 3D frame. I have chosen a 50 x 50 cm 3D frame as I wanted to fit 9 origami dresses. You also need paper for the background of the frame, scissors and glue stick.

Once you have all the materials, it is time to start having fun creating! Check out the following steps on how to make the origami dresses picture frame.

Creating the origami dresses

origami dresses

Aren’t this dresses cute? I searched for different types of origami dresses as I wanted to give a collection feel to the picture. The idea behind it was to replicate a wardrobe. You don’t have the same dresses in your wardrobe do you? So, that’s exactly why I didn’t want the same dresses.

In order to pick the ones I wanted to make I went on YouTube and searched for origami dresses. You can click on this link and will send you directly to the search.

If you don’t want to search for it, I have embedded three of the videos on the post. You might want to give it a go.

Very easy origami dress

If you don’t have experience with origami I would recommend starting with this type of dress first. It is a gorgeous origami dress for beginners. It is very easy to make! Here is the video.

Origami bride dress

I found this dress very glamours and a must for the picture I wanted to create! It is one of the ones I loved the most to make and looks stunning! Check out the step by step video on how make this gorgeous origami wedding dress.

Cocktail origami paper dress

This paper dress is one of my favourite ones and I just like the fact that it looks so real. If it wasn’t made from paper it could well be a dress you could easily wear for a party or cocktail. Check out the video:

There are lots of videos of origami dresses and I suggest you check the ones that you like the most to complete your picture. Don’t forget that it is YOUR collection you are building! I have even added an origami office dress to my collection.

Mounting the origami dresses 3D picture frame

Once you have all the paper folding dresses (I chose to have nine for my collection) it is time to mount the picture frame.

First of all you need to cut the paper to fit into the frame as it will be the background of the picture.ย Nextย arrange the dresses in the way you want them to be. I just didn’t want to put all the similar colours together so I made sure it was visually correct. For example, I added the green one in the middle because it was the one that was standing out more than the rest. I suggest you arrange the dresses on top of the background paper to see how they will look like.

mounting the origami 3d picture frame

When you are happy with the arrangement, it is time to fix the background paper of your choice to the frame. I have used glue stick for that but I haven’t used too much of it as if not it will give moist to the paper and ruin it.

Once you have glued the background to the 3D frame, it is time to put the dresses again in the final position. Carefully glue the dresses to the paper. Again but just putting enough glue for the dress to stick to the background.

When you have the dresses in place and glued to the background just mount the frame andย voila!!! You will be the proud owner of a 3D origami dresses picture frame!

origami dresses 3d picture frame

I get a lot of comments about this origami picture. It is in my daughter’s room and she loves it. As I told you earlier I am making another one (not dresses this time) but it will complement this one as I want to hang it next to it.

Making this origami paper dress picture was a very relaxing experience and once that I didn’t rush at all. I was just doing it when I had the time! How about you? Are you going to make your own one? I would love to see your creations!

Take care,

Yol xx

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how to make origami dresses picture frame

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