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How to measure your space for furniture delivery step by step


magine yourself having found the ideal piece of furniture, you order it and when delivery comes it doesn’t fit through your front door!! A nightmare right? Yes, I agree.
I think I became a bit wary of space when I was living in Spain. My parents lived in a 6th floor apartment in the city centre and I have seen sofas, tables and even a piano going through a set of stairs or even fit in a lift. I don’t remember my parents measuring furniture for delivery or taking any furniture measurements. However, something must have clicked back then as I always check measurements and spaces to ensure the furniture can be delivered to my home. It must be an obsession of mine!
So, if you are wondering how to fit a sofa through a small door or how to take furniture measurements for a delivery, lets start by following this easy steps and make sure the furniture really fits!

Measure the furniture

My first advice is to make sure you have the right measurements for the furniture you want to buy. Find out the hight (H), width (W) and depth (D) of the piece of furniture. If the sofa has a diagonal depth (DD) also note it down.
measuring furniture for delivery
Online retailers tend to always include the full measurements so check them out. Normally the measurements are for the furniture fully assembled but check if they also provide the packaging measurements. If the furniture comes packed, check the packaging measurement as it has to go through the door! Packaging can be bulky so check that with the supplier.
One bit of advice, make sure that the furniture fits the room. So a god thing is to mark the area where the new furniture is going to go and see if it is going to fit.

Measure your home

Every time I have a bulky item delivered I measure all the space the item has to go through before buying it. I measure the entry door, the corridor and if the furniture is going upstairs then I measure the stairs and any awkward landings or turns and make sure it fits. So,  measure the hight and width of all entry doors, hallways, corridors, stairs and if you have a lift then measure it too! If you want to know how to measure the space, here are the measurements you should take:
door measurements for furniture delivery
– Measure the hight (H) and and width (W) of the front door, all the entry doors, hallways or lifts you have to go through with the furniture.
– Measure the clearance length (C) between the outside and interior doors. If your hallway is narrow like mine you really have to have this measurement into account as you need to be able to manoeuvre the furniture so it fits in the next room.

Will the furniture fit? Reality check

Once you have both the full furniture and your home measurements it is then time to check if it is going to fit! To do so, here are some key points you need to follow and voila!! you will know if the furniture you are about to buy (or you just bought :-)) will fit.
how to fit sofa through the door

Key measurement checks for furniture:

  • The width (B) of the door should be bigger than either the furniture depth (D) and/or diagonal depth (DD) or height (H).
  • The entryway clearance (C) is bigger than the furniture’s width (W), in that case you an move it horizontally.
  • If the case of the entryway clearance (C) is smaller than the furniture’s width (W) you will need to move it vertically. In that case, the door height (H) should be bigger than the furniture’s width (W).


  •  If the furniture’s width (W) is bigger than both the height (H) and the entryway clearance (C) then the piece of furniture will not fit into your home.
  • If the door width (W) is less than the furniture’s depth (D), the diagonal depth (DD) and height (H) then unfortunately the piece of furniture will not fit into your home.
 I hope these furniture delivery tips help you getting the right furniture through the door! I would love to read your comments on how are you getting on! Have you ever had a delivery that was too big for the door? Have you ever wondered if the furniture will fit? I have had all these questions in numerous occasions mainly where sofas are concerned.
Enjoy the week!
Yol x

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