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Interview with pattern designer: Agnes Somogyi (AS Patterns)




have been following pattern designerย Agnes Somogyi’s work at AS Patterns for a while now and I love her designs. Because of my curiosity of knowing more about her work and passion,ย I decided to ask Agnes for an interview for this blog. She lives in Majorca and I contacted her during my last visit to the island in October to see if she was available and willing to offer me an interview! She said yes!! ๐Ÿ™‚

I was thrilled and nervous as it was my first interview for the blog. We met at her studio in Palma and she couldn’t have been more welcoming showing me where she works. We had a nice chat about her work, inspiration and future projects. We also had a laugh during the photo session! A very talented designer and a pleasure to talk to. Thank you for your time Agnes!

agnes somogyi interview pattern designer

She really is passionate about her design work and her talent and dedication is shown in every single collection. Here is the interview with Agnes Somogyi from AS Patterns, enjoy!

How did you become a pattern designer? Tell us a bit about your background and motivation.

I am from a small town in Hungary well known for the big amount of artists, painters, musicians and other intellectuals living there. This atmosphere was very inspiring for me when growing up.

I studied textile design at the Moholy-Nagy University of Applied Arts in Budapest. After I graduated, I worked in different apparel companies until I started to work in a swimwear company in Mallorca where I fell in love with the colourful printed fabrics. After a few years at the company I left, joined some pattern design courses and, in January 2016, Iย launched my own brand AS Patterns designing and selling patterns all over the world.

Where does your inspiration come from? What inspires you the most?

I get inspired by things that surround me. It can be anything that catch my eye such as interesting textures, colours, everyday objects but mostly flowers and nature. I love nature! When I go for a walk in the countryside I find myself taking pictures of flowers in bloom in almost every corner!

Tell us about your latest collection. What was the inspiration or story behind it?

My latest collection is called Autumn Fruit Garden. I wanted to create an autumn themed collection, and as we are in the middle of it, it was enough paying a visit to my local market and see the beautiful pomegranates and other autumn fruits. Earlier in the year I had also taken pictures from the surprisingly beautiful big flowers of the pomegranates growing in my sister in law’s garden. I finally had all my muses for this collection! I also added some beetles and bugs as insects are in trend now.

autumn fruit collection as patterns

What is the hardest part of bringing a collection from an idea to the final product? And the most exciting part?

It might sound a cliche but every single part of bringing a collection to life is exciting! On the other hand the creation of a collection is different every time and you can find yourself stuck in finding the right colourway, the right scale, a repeat or even fighting with the software! It can be frustrating and monotonous sometimes when you get stuck but the final result is worth it!

Can you tell us a bit about your work day? How do you organise yourself?

I think I have the typical freelancer mum life. I work when my daughter is at nursery or having a nap. I try to organise my projects for the week on Monday, set up my own deadlines and stick to them although it can be difficult sometimes!

I am also constantly learning new things which keeps my work current.

as patterns pattern designer working

Of all the patterns and collections you have done, which one is your favourite and why?

I donโ€™t have a favourite collection, there are patterns which I like better than others in every collection but in all of them there is something personal which is what makes them unique for me. In The Blooming Desert Collection there are some of our beloved succulents from the balcony. The Lost in Transylvania Collection reminds me of the great times I spent in Transylvania with my family and so on…

What is your favourite home item that has used one of your patterns?

The curtains I have in my living room and my table cloth which has a selection of some of my patterns.

as patterns designs

Do you have any mentors? Any pattern designers you admire the work of?

It changes often. I like the work of lots of different design studios. For example, I love the work of the Pattern People and some designers at Nerida Hansen but at the moment is the work of Elizabeth Olwen I like the most.

I have just finished an amazing course with Oksana Pasishnychenko from Oksancia which was an eye opener. With her system I am much more efficient which can be crucial for a busy mum. She has an amazing supportive group where she helps other designers.

In your opinion, what is the next trend going to be? Are you a trend follower?

Yes, I definitely keep my eyes on the trends and then I interpret them my own way. If you are creating for a market and not for yourself then it is important to follow trends and know about them.

It is difficult to point out just one trend as there are many. Cacti and succulents are still going strong, but also are green leaves, plants, watercolour, food, greenery, llamas, abstract modern, stripes and of course florals!

Where do you sell your patterns? How can people contact you about them? Do you sell the final products?

I sell my patterns in different ways.

Directly to clients, this is when I am in real contact with the clients and provide custom designs for their products. I have to prepare my patterns for their needs depending on the final product and the printing method.

I also sell on different online platforms, as Patternbank and lately I have started to sell on microstock websites such as Shutterstock and other similar websites.

My work is also available on print on demand websites such as Spoonflower, where you can buy my designs printed on different fabrics for quilting, DIY cloth or home decor. On their sister website Roostery, you can buy my prints on finished home decor products.

On Redbubble and Society6 you can find my patterns on home decor, phone cases, laptop cases, tote bags and apparel products.

People can contact me through my website or my Instagram account @aspatterns

agnes somogyi as patterns interview

What are you working on right now? What are your plans for the future?

At the moment I am focusing on increasing my portfolio and offering on the websites I just mentioned. I also have an interesting new project on the way designing for home decor, but it is early to say more about this collaboration.

Finally, what advice would you give to someone who is starting out as a pattern designer?

Being a pattern designer is a lovely profession, you can really enjoy what you do, but you have to figure out how to balance this passion and make it as efficient as possible. You have to refine your skills and figure out how you can create high quality patterns quickly because it is a very fast market!

I hope you know a bit more about Agnes’ work. I really loved talking with her about pattern design. When I see a pattern I really like I think about the amount of work that goes into it and the designer. At the end of the day pattern designers are very talented people that love what they are doing, well certainly Agnes does!

Contact AS Patterns (Agnes Somogyi):
Instagram:ย @aspatterns

Till the next post!

Yol x

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