pantone living coral colour of the year 2019

Pantone Living Coral colour of the year 2019 room by room

If you follow decor trends, home interiors blogs, fashion or interior magazines you may have noticed all the fuss about the Pantone colour of the year. It has been revealed in so many blogs and magazines that the Pantone colour for 2019 is LIVING CORAL! Yeahhh!!!

The Pantone living coral is a vibrant yet warm colour present in nature. As described by Pantone:

Living Coral is an animated, life-affirming shade of orange, with golden undertones

There has been many controversy with the chosen colour, some people like it and others don’t! When I found out on Twitter I immediately loved it. I am not sure if it has ever been popular but, I tell you something, in my twenties I had a swimming costume in coral which I loved. So, I must have been into something back then ;-)… years later it becomes a colour trend… coincidence?… Ummmm… (thinking face).

So to celebrate that I already loved the colour and that it has become the next Pantone trend for 2019, I have come up with a selection of decor ideas to incorporate the colour into the home. And… just in case you don’t know which room you are going to decorate, I am giving you choices for every room in the house! So the only thing you have to do is to get inspired room by room. Ready? I leave you with an amazing collection of products in living coral for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and home office.

Living Coral in the LIVING ROOM

I honestly think that the colour is fantastic! The living coral colour can make the living room vibrant but I would just go for a statement piece or accessories. I wouldn’t go mad and make it all living coral… it would look hideous and that’s not the look you might want to achieve. Having said that, you might want to go for a bigger furniture piece such a sofa in coral or even the wall paper! In my opinion you don’t need to add a lot of coral for the room to look nice and trendy. But that’s my opinion anyway!

pantone living coral living room decor ideas

1. Lampshade coral gold from Etsy £42.79| 2.  Harlequin Persephone Wallpaper Coral from John Lewis & Partners £63| 3. Three Vintage coral prints from Etsy £22.8 | 4. Ariel coral red velvet chair from Graham and Green £795| 5. John Lewis & Partners Lustre Rug, Coral from £175 | 6. Birds coral cushion from Redbubble £15.60| 7. Orange and fuchsia edge herringbone throw from The British Blanket Company £73

Pantone Living Coral in the KITCHEN

Kitchens can be very versatile and by changing accessories the kitchen can just look a lot different. So, you can easily add some living coral touches to the kitchen by introducing a kettle or even tea towels. The choice is yours but I wouldn’t go mad with the coral theme in the kitchen. Just a few pantone living coral accessories and you are done!

Here is some product inspiration I have found that would be brilliant to add some coral colour touches to the kitchen. Pretty please… do not got for all of them at the same time! Just pick a few details for the kitchen and you are done! I suppose the minimalistic in me is talking but I wouldn’t go overboard with the Pantone trend or it won’t look classy.

pantone living coral kitchen decor

1. Wedgwood Paeonia Blush 2-tier cake stand, coral from John Lewis & Partners £90| 2. Wedgwood Paeonia Blush 4 cup teapot, coral from John Lewis & Partners £125| 3. Wedgwood Paeonia Blush tea cup and saucer, 200ml, coral from John Lewis & Partners £55| 4. Metal IMS chair in Coral from Skulum £32.51| 5. Rectangular tablecloth Herringbone Hues of Coral & Aqua by Friztin from Etsy £72.77| 6. Curacao coral electric kettle from Klarstein £51.99 | 7. Yvonne Ellen Cockatoo tea towels, Set of 2 from John Lewis & Partners £10

Living Coral colour in the BEDROOM

A few living coral colour accessories in the bedroom and it can just look so different! Maybe an accent chair, a painting or some cushions on the bed? With some details in coral, the bedroom can look fresh and vibrant. Why not combine it with grey or blue? I personally think that the grey and coral combination is stunning and elegant for a bedroom. However, if you like bold colours then combining coral and dark blue is a great option and looks stunning.

pantone living coral bedroom decor

1. Coral flower letter decor from Etsy £32| 2. Living coral duvet cover from Redbubble £69.50| 3. Minimalist living coral fish print from Etsy £9.81| 4. Cole & Son Seafern Wallpaper, Coral from John Lewis & Partners £85| 5. Ores chair in coral from Sklum £42.63| 6. Living coral watercolour ombre cushion from Redbubble £15.60 | 7. Herringbone handmade coral area rug from Wayfair £74.99

Pantone Living Coral in the BATHROOM

Fancy some touches in pantone living coral in the bathroom? Me too!! If you have a grey bathroom like me then adding some accessories in coral would make it feel vibrant and colourful. Are you bored of plain white or cream towels? By just changing the towels to living coral, the bathroom will just come alive and if you add a bath mat and bathroom accessories the look would be complete!

pantone living coral bathroom decor

1. Microfibre coral bath mat from Floormats £21.90 | 2. Bathroom rules printable wall decor from Etsy £3.50 | 3. Frash Blocco coral bathroom accessory set from Amara from £20| 4. Sheridan Trenton coral towels from JustLinen from £4.50| 5. Set of 3 embossed colour jars from Dunelm £20

Living Coral in the Home Office

Living coral in the home office? Yes, yes yes!! If you spend a lot of time in the office at home like a do and want a quick change in decor, why not add some touches of Pantone living coral? I have found some great accessories that would do any home office proud. I personally really like the mug, the calendar and cushion.

pantone living coral home office decor

1. 2019 calendar with pantone colour of the year from Etsy £5.15| 2. Pantone living coral solid colour wall clock from Redbubble £20.84 | 3. Coral geometric magnetic notice board from Etsy £32| 4. Hand pulled screen print poster from Etsy £20| 5. Pantone living coral mug from Etsy £10.62 | 6. Pantone living coral cushion from Redbubble £15.60

As you can see with the Pantone Living Coral colour trend for 2019 the possibilities are endless! Who would have thought that the colour I loved in my twenties would have been a trend in 2019? The more I look at the colour the more I like it.

And you do you like the Pantone Living Coral colour? Are you going to add it to your decor? I would love to know!

See you in the next post!

Yol xx

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