mothers day gifts for the interior design lover

28 Mother’s Day gift ideas on Etsy for the interior design lover

It is always difficult to find a gift for a special person let alone if that special person is mum (or mama in my case!). With Mother’s day approaching on the 31st of March there is still time to find the ideal present for mum.

This year I am trying to be a little bit more organised and come up with Mother’s Day gift ideas well in advance. So, my mum is an interior design lover and I have been looking for Mother’s Day gifts on Etsy. I love the shop as they are all independent businesses selling beautiful products, mainly handmade.

I have found lovely Mother’s Day present ideas on Etsy and have compiled the 28 best ones! So here is my list of the best Mother’s Day gifts you can find on Etsy for interior design lovers. Or… you can always give mum flowers or chocolate. The choice is yours but I know what I am buying her this year. If you need more inspiration, check out Etsy editors’ picks Mother’s Day gifts ideas here.

Cushions galore!

For a mum who is a interiors enthusiast there is always a space for a cushion. I personally love the designer cushion with abstract pattern from Zzinihome on Etsy. I even had the pleasure to personally meet Francesca the designer and interview her. Check out the interview of Zzinihome here.

mothers day cushions on etsy

1. Designer cushion with abstract pattern from Zzinihome | 2.  Jane Austen Mr. Darcy cushion | 3. Reserved for mum and her tea cushion | 4. Original watercolour design cushion | 5. Personalised cushion

If your mum is a Mr. Darcy fan why not combine literature with interiors? Check out the perfect cushion, I am sure Jane Austen would have found it very appropriate for mum.

Another great gift for Mother’s Day the “reserved for mum and her tea” cushion. Combine the love for tea with a bit of humour, it can’t never go wrong. Or how about a personalised cushion for mum?

So, is it going to be a cushion for mum this year?

Lovely scented candles

When it comes to candles there is always an excuse to buy them. I love candles as they give that special atmosphere to a room. A romantic evening, for chilling out, a backgrond light… you name it there are so many possibilities with candles. Candles are always good Mother’s Day gifts. Your can’t go wrong with a lovely scented candle.

mothers day scented candles on etsy

1. Lavender organic soy wax candle by The Pure Scent  | 2.  Personalised scented candle for mummy | 3. Tea cup soy candle | 4. Aromatherapy soy candle by Apothecary Essence

I find the tea cup soy candle very original and an ideal Mother’s Day present. If you want a more sophisticated candle then try the lavender organic soy wax candle by The Pure Scent or the aromatherapy candle by Apothecary Essence. Both are hand made!

The Apothecary Essence candle is made of pure soy and has unique blends that smell divine. I know how they smell as I had the pleasure of interviewing the maker and smell the candles! Yes… I know, I was really lucky to interview Gemini and talk about her candle business (Apothecary Essence).

If your preference is a more personalised candle, why not go for the mummy candle? I am sure it will light up your mum’s face with joy (a bit cheesy sentence I agree! but I am keeping it here).

Throw blankets for cosy mums

Does your mum loves to wrap up on the sofa or armchair when watching TV or reading a good book? Then a throw blanket is the prefect present for Mother’s Day.

From chunky knit blankets to Moroccan cotton blankets there are so many options to choose from on Etsy. I have picked the ones I liked the most here but go to the site and check them out, the selection is just great!

mothers day throws on etsy

1. Chunky knit blanket | 2.  Throw blanket | 3. Scandi Hygge throw blanket | 4. Personalised cotton throw blanket

Garden lover mums

I always find mums have a gift when it comes to looking after the garden. If your mum loves gardening I have found some lovely gifts for Mother’s Day on Etsy. I couldn’t pick all of the ones I liked but here are the ones I prefer. Have you chosen your favourite one?

I find the house feeder and kit beautiful, so much thought has gone into it! The three pots with succulents are just very cute and I know my mum would love them.

mothers day garden gifts on etsy

1. Hanging bird house and feeder garden gift set | 2.  Trio of concrete rustic cactus | 3. Geometric glass terrarium full kit | 4. Six pocket woodland cotton half waist apron

Personalised wall art for mum

Why not give your mum a personalised wall art? A funny personalised portrait could be a brilliant idea and mum will cheer it forever. I am sure it is going to be a hit! The only thing you need make sure is that you don’t leave anyone out when ordering it!

How about gathering 100 of the best photos and order a collage of memories? I really like the personalised family tree papercut. There are so many personalised wall art ideas on Etsy.

mothers day personalised wall art

1. Personalised family portrait | 2.  Personalised 100 picture family photo collage | 3. Pebble art: family of four | 4. Light up letter M (more letters available) | 5. Personalised family tree papercut

Tea & Coffee

Is your mum a tea or coffee lover… or both! Well, in that case you have it sorted, she will love anything to do with tea or coffee depending on her preference.

I have found some fabulous ideas for Mother’s Day on Etsy and here are my favourite six! From a Nespresso coffee capsule holder to a real gold foil print, aren’t these gifts fantastic?

coffee and tea gifts for mothers day

1. Nespresso coffee capsule holder  | 2.  World’s best mum mug | 3. Coffee print poster | 4. Real gold foil “but first, tea” print | 5. Personalised enamel mug with engraved bamboo lid | 6. Watercolour floral mug

There are so many gifts you can buy mum for Mother’s Day that you can get a bit overwhelmed by it. One thing I suggest you is not to leave it until the last minute. I have done it in the past and it can be very stressful. So that’s why this year I am buying something well in advance.

Have you thought about what to give mum this Mother’s Day? Remember it is on the 31st March! Tic toc!

Till the next post!

Yol xx

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