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Terra Cuita: A handmade ceramics shop in Palma de Mallorca worth visiting

Being from Mallorca I have been always surrounded by beautiful handmade ceramics. The quality of the handmade pottery and ceramics in Mallorca is outstanding and the designs vary from traditional to modern.

In one of my recent visits to Palma, I visited one of my favourite shops, the ceramics shop and showroom Terra Cuita. The shop assistant and I started talking about the shop, the fact that it is a family business, etc. The pottery pieces are absolutely well made and contemporary. I would have bought everything!

If you don’t know the shop yet and don’t want to wait until you visit the island, the next best thing is to discover the Terra Cuita pottery shop in Palma (Majorca) by reading this post. I will give you a tour of the shop and also tell you a bit more about its past and the origins of the pottery trade in Majorca. Let’s go!

modern ceramics in mallorca

The village of Pòrtol, the heart of Majorca’s ceramics

What does the village of Pòrtol in Mallorca has to do with ceramics? Well, it has to be said that talking about ceramics in Mallorca is talking about Pòrtol. The village is the heart of the ceramics industry in Mallorca and has numerous pottery businesses including Terra Cuita.  All sorts of items made with clay and terracotta are produced in the village. Here you can find a wide variety of products from traditional everyday ware to the most modern designs.

The village has even a route called “ruta des fang” (mud route) where you can visit all the potteries and the pottery school in the village. You can find more information about the route here. Pòrtol also participates in a Pottery Fair in the village of Marratxi called “Fira del Fang”. A fair I recommend you to visit if you happen to be in Mallorca in early March.

modern ceramics shop in palma

A ceramics business with strong family roots

For this Majorcan ceramics and pottery business it all started in 1861in a wooden hut with a very simple ceramics oven and potter’s wheel. The factory is located in the small village of Pòrtol and the business has been handed down from father to son for 5 generations.  The clay business has evolved with the times and the company’s artisans are  is now producing stunning handmade ceramic and terracotta pieces worthy of a museum!

majorcan ceramics in Palma pottery shop

A ceramics shop in Palma city center

One of the things that I love the most when visiting Palma is wander around the streets where I grew up in the city center. I love discovering new shops and visiting the old ones that have been around since I was a kid. Unfortunately, each time I visit there are less and less of the old shops remaining.

In one of these walks in Palma I discovered Terra Cuita’s ceramics shop. Terracuita has two ceramics shops in Mallorca, one of them in the centre of Palma and the other one in the village of Santanyí. I visited the showroom in Palma which is located in Calle Concepció.

The shop in Palma is quite big and has lots of different styles of pottery. All of items in the shop are handmade and offer different designs and paintings. I think that some of them should be in an art gallery!

terra cuita ceramics showroom in mallorca

Traditional pottery pieces for the modern family home

Although the company was founded in the 19th century, their products have certainly evolved with time. The range of products they offer is outstanding, from plates and jars to pots, pans, serving platters and anything in between.

The clay pieces are created in a traditional way by qualified artisans hand making unique pieces not only for cooking but also for presenting food.

What makes these handmade pieces even more interesting is that the entire collection is dishwasher safe and can be used in the microwave or vitroceramic hobs. It is fantastic and ideal for the modern home!

ceramics terra cuita shop palma

Bespoke ceramics pieces

We don’t need to forget that this ceramics business in Mallorca manufactures every single item of pottery they sell. Therefore, as there aren’t any intermediaries the company offers a bespoke service where you can order your ideas.  If you can’t find what you are looking for in the shop or want a special piece created they will design it for you following your ideas.

hand painted ceramics in mallorca

A shop with more than ceramics

Don’t expect to only find ceramics in the Palma shop. They also sell beautiful Majorcan textiles and bags which complement very well the ceramic pieces displayed in the shop. When I went they even had an exhibition in the shop by a local painter. You can really end up buying Majorcan ceramics, maybe a bag and a painting all in one place!

ceramics shop in palma de mallorca

Ceramics in Mallorca are part of the life and tradition of the island. Having businesses an shops such as Terra Cuita really makes the past fit in with the present. So, if you are in Palma next time don’t forget to visit this beautiful ceramics shop in Mallorca.

See you in the next post!

Yol xx


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